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I'm working out javascript cookbook by shelley powers. And in the book,

If two string literals only vary based on case, the uppercase characters are lexically greater than the lowercase letter:

var sOne  = "Cat";
var sTwo  = "cat";
if (sOne >=  sTwo) // true, because 'C' is lexically greater than 'c'

but I cannot get the same result. this only works for me:

 var sOne = "Cat";
 var sTwo = "cat";
 if (sOne < sTwo) alert("whatever here"); 

Here it pops up a alert.I'm pretty confusion.Thanks guys!

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Hmm, in ASCII upper case letters are less than the lower case ones. –  Dave Newton Nov 5 '11 at 3:15

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The book is incorrect. It's listed in the errata.

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Thanks man!I got it! –  user1007041 Nov 5 '11 at 3:21

Uppercase A in ASCII and every code page I've encountered has a decimal value of 65. Lowercase a has a decimal value of 97.

Therefore "A" < "a" and "Able" < "able".

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