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Using the Soft Input Panel (SIP) to enter text on my C# WinMobile CF 2.0 application.

There is a textbox at the bottom that I want to enlarge whenever the SIP is pressed.

The SIP is called correctly whenever the TextBox receives focus, but I can't seem to get the TextBox to grow enough to see the text.

The TextBox is docked to the bottom.

I've placed breakpoints in my code, and the SIP_EnabledChanged routine is being hit and the txtNote.Size is being changed ...but the size of my TextBox does not change on the display.


using Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms;

int startH = txtNote.Size.Height;
// (In the designer):
this.inputPanel1.EnabledChanged += new System.EventHandler(this.SIP_EnabledChanged);

void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
  inputPanel1.Enabled = false;
  startH = txtNote.Size.Height;

void SIP_EnabledChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) {
  int height = inputPanel1.Enabled ? startH + 80 : startH;
  txtNote.Size = new Size(txtNote.Size.Width, height);

TextBox displayed SIP displayed

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If it's docked, and not anchored is the first thing that could be off here. I'm skeptical that you really want to change the size of the text box. I usually handle changes in the input panel but moving the entire form up (- direction) by the height of height of the SIP, rather than resize my controls. This form looks a little different though, and perhaps you have a single entry control? If that's the case I'd be sure it's the first control in the z order and just position it above the SIP when it's displayed.

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Got an answer on MSDN >> HERE << yesterday that I was able to modify to work.

The key, apparently, is to set the Bounds, not the Size or the Location.

Here is what I went with:

int startY;

void Form1() : Form {
  startY = txtNote.Location.Y; // only set here.
// Method below fires whenever the Soft Input Panel changes
void SIP_EnabledChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) {
  int locationY = startY;
  if (inputPanel1.Enabled) {
    locationY -= inputPanel1.Bounds.Height;
  // setting the Bounds was the key to getting this to work!
  txtNote.Bounds = new Rectangle(

I hope that posting the solution helps someone, one day.

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