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Fairly new to sqlite (and sql). For each row in a table, I'd like to make a query and append to another table. My current plan is to extract all items in a vector<> and make a call to sqlite for each item in vector<>. Can this be done through a single sqlite statement? in c/c++. Thank you in advance.

Edit: One idea I have is to make a trigger on a new table. For each newly added row, the trigger would then use that to make a query for that row.


create table Persons(Id, FirstName, LastName);
create table ParentChildren(PersonsIdParent, PersonsIdChild);

For each Person, create a list of all possible children (e.g. same LastName), and add to ParentChildren.

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Yes, you can do that sort of thing without leaving the database:

insert into table1 (column11, column12, ...)
select column21, column22, ...
from table2
where ...

The query that feeds into the INSERT can be as complicated as needed as long as the selected columns have the right types.

Now that we know what your tables look like, you just have to join Persons to itself:

insert into ParentChildren (PersonsIdParent, PersonsIdChild)
select p.Id, c.Id
from Persons p
join Persons c on p.LastName = c.LastName
where p.Id <> c.Id

You can join a table to itself as long as you use unique aliases. The p.Id <> c.Id condition is needed to avoid trying to make someone their own child.

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This answers it partially. I still don't know the syntax to make query per row that I've selected from, say, table2. Thank you. –  jobobo Nov 5 '11 at 5:18
@jobobo: Maybe you could include your tables and what you're trying to select in your question. –  mu is too short Nov 5 '11 at 5:24
I've updated the question above with Persons and ParentChildren example. Thank you again. –  jobobo Nov 5 '11 at 5:38
@jobobo: Answer updated. –  mu is too short Nov 5 '11 at 5:52
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What you are asking just links every person to every other person of the same Lastname (I excluded join to one self):

INSERT INTO PersonsChildren
SELECT p.Id, c.id
FROM   Persons p
JOIN   Persons c USING (LastName)
WHERE  p.Id <> c.Id

The information could be retrieved any time with the SELECT query used. No immediate need for a redundant entry in PersonsChildren. Except there is more to the problem ..

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