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I am working in DevExpress Gridview Concepts. I am new to this. My requirement is, i should display the image in the gridview. There will more than one image, if so, it should be binded in the second row. I will get the image path from the database.

Kindly provide me the sample code. I had searched google a lot, but i cant able to find this particular scenario.

In the following link, i had given my source code part..


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What platform you are interested in? –  Mikhail Nov 5 '11 at 14:30
I am working in .Net and SQL Server. In that i am using DevExpress Gridview.. –  RobinHood Nov 7 '11 at 3:48
which one DevExpress GridView? ASP.NET, WinForms, WPF, SL, VCL? –  Mikhail Nov 7 '11 at 8:15
Kindly go through this link...community.devexpress.com/forums/p/105855/358119.aspx#358119 –  RobinHood Nov 7 '11 at 8:17
In this link, i had given my source code part.. –  RobinHood Nov 7 '11 at 8:17

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You can do it different ways .......

public class MyClass
  public int ID { get; set; }
  public byte[] MyImage { get; set; }

which is a wrapper class for a table storing images as binary blobs (MS SQL image or varbinary(max), Oracle BLOB etc.)

I found 4 different ways (that is, “simple ways”; certainly there are countless other more complex alternatives) to display the binary data as images, using DevExpress’ ASPxImage and ASPxBinaryImage controls inside a ASPxGridView:

<dx:ASPxGridView ID="gridImages" runat="server"
  AutoGenerateColumns="False" KeyFieldName="ID">
    <dx:GridViewDataTextColumn Caption="ID" FieldName="ID">

using a query like

var images = database.Query<MyImages>().OrderBy(r => r.ID);
gridImages.DataSource = images;

Using GridViewDataBinaryImageColumn

    <dx:GridViewDataBinaryImageColumn FieldName="MyImage">

Using ASPxBinaryImage inside a DataItemTemplate

 <dx:GridViewDataColumn FieldName="MyImage" >
        <dx:ASPxBinaryImage ID="img" runat="server"
          Value='<%# Eval("MyImage") %>'>

ASPxBinaryImage uses the Value property to store a byte array, which the DevExpress framework translates into where src requests a DevExpress-implemented URL to serve the byte stream.

If you prefer ASP:Image or ASPxImage to ASPxBinaryImage, you need to write an .ashx handler to retrieve the image data:

public class MyImageHandler : IHttpHandler
  public void ProcessRequest(HttpContext context)
    int id = 0;
    int.TryParse(context.Request["id"], out id);

    var image = database.FirstOrDefault<MyClass>(c => c.ID == id);

    if (image == null)

    context.Response.ContentType = "image/png";

This .ashx handler is invoked by setting the ImageUrlFormatString of a GridViewDataImageColumn

or by setting the ImageUrl property of an ASPxImage:

 <dx:GridViewDataColumn >
        <dx:ASPxImage runat="server" ID="imgTemplate"
          ImageUrl='<%#  "myimage.ashx?id=" + Eval("ID")  %>'>
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Have you searched the DevExpress Support Center. There are pages of examples here:


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I cant able to open this link.. –  RobinHood Nov 5 '11 at 7:40
Go to the devexpress support center at devexpress.com/support/center and type search on image in gridview. Make sure to review the tabs for questions and knowlegebase articles. If that doesn't answer your question, then the support center is by far the best place to get your question answered. –  J. Clay Nov 7 '11 at 5:18

The following KB article describes how to accomplish this task: http://www.devexpress.com/Support/Center/KB/p/A2707.aspx

It describes the main idea and contains an example, which can be downloaded

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i had already tried that example. Its not fulfils my requirement –  RobinHood Nov 5 '11 at 7:40

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