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Is it possible to create 3D charts in silverlight 4 without using 3rd party control?

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Simple answer is "yes". The more complex answer is that it will take a fair bit of effort - why do you think there are 3rd party controls? –  ChrisF Nov 5 '11 at 10:23

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Yes, Controls from 3rd party like ComponentArt are available to do that. But the limitation that we faced was they were not accurate.

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You could use the PlaneProjections to get a 3D effect or you would have to use Silverlight 5 (in beta at the moment) which supports a 3D API.

In both cases you will need to program the chart completely.

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As others have said, sure it is possible but is it worth your time when you could buy a great looking one that provides support? Telerik has a wide variety of 3D Charts that you can review at the links provided below:

Bar Charts

3D Bar , 3D Stacked Bar , 3D Stacked Bar 100 Series

Line Charts

3DLine, 3D Stacked Line

Area Charts

3D Area , 3D Stacked Area , 3D Stacked Area 100 Series

Pie Charts

3D Doughnut , 3D Pie

Disclaimer: I work at Telerik as a XAML Evangelist.

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