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I apologize if this one will sound too easy for most, so I'm totally shooting an answer here:

Mainly I would like to understand how you bind different JQuery functions to different elements

I have a MENU that has 2 links items

   <a id="aLogin" href="???">Login</a>
   <a id="aRegister" href="???">Register</a>

I also have 2 DIVs each one that shows the right elements

<div id="dLogin" class="hide">
  ...elements to login

<div id="dRegister" class="hide">
  ...elements to register

I understand that i can change the class from JQuery from "hide" to "show"
but my question is: how can I specify the Login link to execute the right Jquery function (the one that changes the class of the DIV Login to "show") ??

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In the href you just give #

<a id="aLogin" href="#">Login</a>
<a id="aRegister" href="#">Register</a>

Use the jQuery's click event to bind onclick event to each link.
And the toggleClass to toggle between the hide and show classes

    retun false;

    retun false;
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//function to show or hide that div
//or the function to show or hide div

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So ...but i just put those 2 functions in the HTML page? What's the value of EACH href of the <a> link ? –  Eager to Learn Nov 5 '11 at 8:23
You probably want to read this –  Saulius Nov 5 '11 at 8:36
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