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I have a SQL Server database with lots of data and an empty MySQL database. Now I want to copy all data of SQL Server database (including the database schema) to the MySQL database.

I thought about using raw SQL dump, but SQL Server's SQL syntax is not same as MySQL.

And I have googled some database migration tool, such as south (only for django), simple-db-migration (only for one type of database, maybe PostreSQL?) and SQLAlchemy (I haven't finished learning it, just feeling it somewhat clunky).

What tool can I use to do this migration?

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I'm usually using opendbcopy for these kind of jobs ...

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Is this still preferred? Thanks –  Drewdin Oct 14 '14 at 20:07

This question has been asked several times on stackoverflow. you can check the following links

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Please check these links I hope they will be useful to you..

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I tried this tool once http://dbconvert.com/convert-mssql-to-mysql-pro.php , but you have to pay for the full version. Of course you can write your own migration script e.g. in PHP. On Windows it will be easy to connect to MSSQL server, from a Linux machine you have to use ODBC and that is sometimes a bit messy to install and configure.

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