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Let's say I load a value from a database which return something like:

public function indexAction()
  $dbContent = "<p>Hello <?php echo $user?>!</p>";
  $this->view->paragraph = $dbContent;

How is it possible, that

<?php echo $user?>

will be rendered?

What precaution need to be taken (safety issuses, XXS)?

Thanks so much indeed!

== Edit: == Sorry, I obviously formulated my question misunderstandingly. What I actually ment:

I would like to avoid implementing a template engine like smarty.

In my project, there will be content that has PHP-Code within a string and that needs to be parsed.


public function indexAction()
  $dbContent = "<p>Hello <?php echo $user?>!</p>";
  $this->view->paragraph = $dbContent;

$user = 'John Doe';
echo $this->paragraph;

is supposed to output:

Hello John Doe!

Is there any safe solution to do this without an external template engine?

Thanks once more... :-)

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In zend framework you will be always be able to print string (or whatever you want) from a controller but it's a very bad practice.

You should give the $user value from the controller to the view in this way:

$this->view->paragraph = $user;

and then, in the view, have:

<p>Hello <?php echo $this->paragraph; ?>!</p>

To ensure this code from XSS you should do some check before (before you print the value) like this:

$user = strip_tags($user);
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If found a solution here, which seems to perfectly fill my needs.

Thanks to all who answered here,


Unfortunately the posted link is dead. However, the solution was pretty simple. As far as i Remember, it went through the following steps:

  1. Fetch content from database and save it in a file
  2. Use Zend_Cache to check, whether this file exists
  3. If file exists, simply render it. If not, go to step 1.

==UPDATE II == Found a copy of the page: archive.org

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This link is now dead. Could you edit your post to contain the actual solution? –  Haakon Dec 12 '13 at 8:21

Zend Framework doesn't support automatic output escaping , but you can prevent XSS in many ways.

First of all push all values into view layer and then print them with a View Helper like Zend\View\Escape , by default it returns string under htmlspecialchars() but you can set a callback function simple with :

echo $this->escape($this->myGreatDbValue);

Sure you can create your custom View Helper for all your need.

Another way is to create a custom View class extending Zend\View\Abstract , override __get() magic method and filtering output .

Read documentations for Zend View Helper and Zend Filter: http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/zend.filter.html http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/zend.view.helpers.html

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