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How to get all digits from sentence in sting like "Lorem 123 ipsum 456 879" => "123456879" using regexp in ruby?

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Just replace everything else.

result = subject.gsub(/[^\d]/, '')
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You could also use \D for [^\d]...> "Lorem 123 ipsum 456 879".gsub(/\D/, '') => "123456879" –  oylenshpeegul Nov 5 '11 at 10:57

Ref this

result = subject.gsub(/\D/, '')  
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Without regex:

"Lorem 123 ipsum 456 879".delete('^0-9') #=>"123456879"
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"Lorem 123 ipsum 456 879".scan(/\d+/).join # => "123456879"
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Some correct answers already given, which probably includes what you want to use. A slightly more low-level way:

"Lorem 123 ipsum 456 879".chars.select {|c| c =~ /\d/}.join
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I always thought using the brackets thing was easier to read

"nwa240".chars.select {|s| s =~ /[0-9]/}
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