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With an array $s_filters that looks like this (many different keys possible):

    [genders] => m
    [ages] => 11-12,13-15

How can I programatically convert this array to this:

$gender = array('m');
$ages = array('11-12','13-15');

So basically loop through $s_filters and create new arrays the names of which is the key and the values should explode on ",";

I tried using variable variables:

foreach( $s_filters as $key => $value )
    $$key = array();
    $$key[] = $value;

But this gives me cannot use [] for reading errors. Am I on the right track?

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The following code takes a different approach on what you're trying to achieve. It first uses the extract function to convert the array to local variables, then loops though those new variables and explodes them:


foreach(array_keys($s_filters) as $key)
    ${$key} = explode(",", ${$key});
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$s_filters = Array
    "genders" => "m",
    "ages" => "11-12,13-15"

foreach($s_filters as $key=>$value)
    ${$key} = explode(',', $value);

header("Content-Type: text/plain");
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$gender = $arr['gender'];

What you want there is unreadable, hard to debug, and overall a bad practice. It definitely can be handled better.

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