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Is it possible to use a string field as external key (using ActiveRecord) ?

Practical example:

I have 2 models:

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :kind

class Kind < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :books

I don't want to use the usual 'kind_id' (integer) in the book table, but I want to use 'kind_code' (string)

I've never tried to do that.

  • Is it possible ?
  • Is it enough to add :foreign_key => "kind_id" ?
  • What about about the kind_id ? (should I remove it ?)

Many thanks Alessandro

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I wouldnt suggest you to do this. If you only want it because of URL rewriting you can also redeclare the to_param method in the model like this:

def to_param

Anyway it is possible to use an alternatvie foreign_key like you said but using only foreign_keyis not enough. You also need to add the primary_key parameter like this.

belongs_to :kind, :foreign_key => 'kind_code', :foreign_key => 'code'

You can find additional examples in the documentation, just search for "foreign_key" =>

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