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Suppose I have a set of classes:

class runState


class myClassParent
    runState myRunState;    

class myGrandParent
    myClassParent MyClassParent;

Is there any way to scope runState.mStarted to be visible to MyClassParent but not visible to the grandparent while making runState.mStart visible to MyClassParent and myClassGrandparent?

In other words the grandparent should be able to call the parent's runState.mStart but not be able to call the runState.mStarted. Only the parent should be able to call runState.MStarted.

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You can make mStarted internal and ensure that myClassParent is in the same assembly as runState and have myGrandParent in another assembly.

Since by default methods are private, you will need to make mStart public.

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classes by default are internal, and your work says create new assembly everytime in such situation. – Saeed Amiri Nov 5 '11 at 17:46

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