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Can any one tell me/ point me any references to how to add a system call / utility in XV6

exhaustive search on google was futile and hacking the hard way also was not productive so far .

the reference book also did not have any hello world example to start with any help greatly appreciated

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Read this: http://zoo.cs.yale.edu/classes/cs422/2010/xv6-book/trap.pdf
It explains it quite well

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To add a system call that can be called in xv6's shell, you should so something with the five files

  • sysproc.c add the real implementation of your method here
  • syscall.h define the position of the system call vector that connect to your implementation
  • user.h define the function that can be called through the shell
  • syscall.c external define the function that connect the shell and the kernel, use the position defined in syscall.h to add the function to the system call vector
  • usys.S use the macro to define connect the call of user to the system call function

  • defs.h add a forward declaration for your new system call (edited by itzhaki)

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What about defs.h? –  Reut Sharabani Jun 27 '13 at 0:11
Right you are Reut, defs.h is also required. –  itzhaki Apr 19 '14 at 12:43

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