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I'm getting the following error output when compiling eventmachine 0.12.10 on ruby 1.9.2-p290:

g++ -shared -o rubyeventmachine.so binder.o cmain.o cplusplus.o ed.o em.o emwin.o epoll.o files.o kb.o page.o pipe.o rubymain.o sigs.o ssl.o -L. -L/home/git/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib -Wl,-R/home/git/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib -L.  -rdynamic -Wl,-export-dynamic    -Wl,-R -Wl,/home/git/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib -L/home/git/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib -lruby  -lssl -lcrypto   -lpthread -lrt -ldl -lcrypt -lm   -lc
/usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5/libstdc++.a(functexcept.o): relocation         R_X86_64_32 against `std::bad_typeid::~bad_typeid()' can not be used when making a shared     object; recompile with -fPIC
/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5/libstdc++.a: could not read symbols: Bad value
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

This is done on a linux machine running debian squeeze.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Try installing EM with the --pre flag. I (probably) had this on another machine and --pre fixed it for me. I'm not 100% sure it was this error, though. – omninonsense Nov 5 '11 at 20:10
Nope, same error. – Daniel Torres Nov 5 '11 at 21:31
Alas, no idea then. I'm not really an expert when it comes to Linux. :( – omninonsense Nov 5 '11 at 22:21
Thanks anyway. I guess there are some issues with libstdc++... I already added the fPIC-flag with no luck... – Daniel Torres Nov 5 '11 at 22:23

I had a similar issue trying to build mosh-1.2.2 on a standard debian squeeze installation. The following worked for me:

# cd /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5
# rm libstdc++.so
# ln -s ../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6 libstdc++.so

To explain in a more detail, the existing symlink was pointing to a non-existent file:

# cd /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5
# ls -l libstdc++.so
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      23 May  3  2011 libstdc++.so -> ../../../libstdc++.so.6

I located the correct file location

# dpkg -S 'libstdc'
libstdc++6: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6

Then repaired the symlink as described in the first code segment.

The error I was getting during compiling was:

make[3]: *** [mosh-client] Error 1
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 2
/usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5/libstdc++.a(functexcept.o): relocation R_X86_64_32 against `std::bad_typeid::~bad_typeid()' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC
/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5/libstdc++.a: could not read symbols: Bad value

No idea how this particular debian squeeze server broke. I've been compiling on other squeeze systems with no trouble.

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Your gcc installation is bad.

In particular, you have libstdc++.a in /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.4.5/, but (apparently) not libstdc++.so.

The code in libstdc++.a was not built with -fPIC flag, and so you can't link that code in to a shared library.

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libstdc++.a exists in the particular folder and libstdc++.so. is symlinked to /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6 which doesn't exist. How can I recompile this single file without breaking other things? I'm not a C guy at all... – Daniel Torres Nov 6 '11 at 8:04
Btw: gcc installation is a debian default one. – Daniel Torres Nov 6 '11 at 8:05
It is very hard to believe that default installation of Debian Squeeze would be missing /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6. Most likely someone mucked about with your installation, and removed it. – Employed Russian Nov 6 '11 at 15:00
Hm, upgrading to the latest version of g++ shipped with wheezy fixed to problem. – Daniel Torres Nov 16 '11 at 16:34

I got the same problem when trying to install ree 1.8.7-2012.02 with rvm or therubyracer 0.9.9. The last comment you wrote make me able to correctly fix it, I just use the next command to update g++ to the testing version :

sudo apt-get install -t wheezy g++

For more informations about keeping a debian system with packages from different releases is in the debian doc How to keep a mixed system

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upgrading to ruby 2.2.3 resolved the issue for me

$ gcc -v
gcc version 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-3)
Using built-in specs.
Target: x86_64-redhat-linux
Configured with: ../configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info --with-bugurl=http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla --enable-bootstrap --enable-shared --enable-threads=posix --enable-checking=release --with-system-zlib --enable-__cxa_atexit --disable-libunwind-exceptions --enable-gnu-unique-object --enable-languages=c,c++,objc,obj-c++,java,fortran,ada --enable-java-awt=gtk --disable-dssi --with-java-home=/usr/lib/jvm/java-1.5.0-gcj- --enable-libgcj-multifile --enable-java-maintainer-mode --with-ecj-jar=/usr/share/java/eclipse-ecj.jar --disable-libjava-multilib --with-ppl --with-cloog --with-tune=generic --with-arch_32=i686 --build=x86_64-redhat-linux
Thread model: posix
gcc version 4.4.7 20120313 (Red Hat 4.4.7-3) (GCC)
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