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I have made a really silly mistake of having a seperate date and time field in my DB. I really need to put these together and just have one field (datetime) Luckily these are individually in the corect format. Is there a way I can di an SQL statement to take the date, time (with a space inbetween) and input these in to the new datetime field? I have around 3000 records in this table so really dont want to do it by hand.



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You should see what I had to do with one datetime and 4 integer fields to make a single datetime field. T'was tricky, I tell you that. –  Bojangles Nov 5 '11 at 17:35

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UPDATE dates SET datettime_field = CONCAT(date_field,' ', time_field);
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You can use CONCAT_WS to do a string concatenation:

UPDATE table
SET newfield = CONCAT_WS(' ', oldfield1, oldfield2);
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Another solution is:

update table set datetime_field = addtime(date_field, time_field);
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