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I need to write a JNI interface that performing blocking I/O operations And I need these methods can be interrupted. For example:

interface IO {
  native void waitForEvents() throws InterruptedException, IOException;
  native int readBytes(byte[] data, int offset, int len) throws InterruptedException, IOException;

And on Win32, I use windows API 'waitForSingleObject(HADLE)' to implements "waitForEvents", and 'read(HANDLE)' to implements 'readBytes'.

How can I interrupt the blocking functions 'waitForSingleObject' and 'read'?

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Really a Windows API question, not Java or JNI at all. – EJP Nov 5 '11 at 23:25

Looks like you need to look at the java.nio channel classes to learn how to do non-blocking Java IO, rather than getting tangled up in JNI.

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To unblock the call you likely want another thread to signal the handle the orig thread is blocking for. Perhaps create another JNI call for that purpose.

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