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I am not sure how I can replace one movie clip with another when I click on the first one. Below is my code that shows me loading the first movieClip and adding it to the stage and assigning a OnClick listener.

thumbs_button.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, playVideoButton);

    for (var i:Number = 0; i < my_total; i++) {
        var playButton_url = "play_now.png";
        var playButton_loader = new Loader();
        playButton_loader.name = i;
        playButton_loader.load (new URLRequest(root_path + playButton_url));
        playButton_loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener (Event.COMPLETE, playButtonLoaded);

    function playVideoButton (e:MouseEvent):void {
        trace("Button " + e.target);
        var video_url = root_path +  my_videos[e.target.name].@URL;
        my_player.source = video_url;


function playButtonLoaded (e:Event):void {
    var my_playButton:Loader = Loader(e.target.loader);
    thumbs_button.addChild (my_playButton);
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I'm not sure why you're using a for loop to load an image ("play_now.png") multiple times in one movieclip (thumbs_button), but here's how you remove the loaded image:

var playButton_url = "play_now.png";
var playButton_loader = new Loader();

playButton_loader.name = "play_now";
playButton_loader.load (new URLRequest(root_path + playButton_url));


function playVideoButton (e:MouseEvent)
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