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def bid= Book.findAllBy(params.bname)


I got the result [58]

How can I just get the value without the quote?

And how can I convert 'bid' to an Integer?

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The returned value of findAllBy is a list. In your case, that list contains only one Book instance.

Using the property operator on a list creates a new list with the corresponding properties of all list elements. So creates a list with the integer 58 as the single element. The toString() method of the list object prints this as [58]. In order to get the integer value you should call bid[0].id (although[0] - more wastefully - would also work in this case).

Alternatively you can call Book.findBy(params.bname).id. The findBy method only returns a single instance.

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Just to clarify a technical point in the "alternative" method; Book.findBy will indeed return a single instance as @Ingo Kegel suggested, but it would be more appropriate to say it will return the first result that matches the query. Click here for more info. I would suggest that the "alternative" method is the better option here, assuming bname is unique. – ubiquibacon Nov 6 '11 at 0:34

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