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What .NET exception should be thrown when a user doesn't have access (Unauthorized) to a particular record in a database?

There are two separate logic cases I'd like to handle:

  • Where the user is anonymous, and they should log in to get additional rights. If this happens, I want to redirect them to

  • Where the user is logged in, but the account they are using doesn't have enough rights. In this case, I want to offer the ability to request access.

  1. What HTTP error should I use? Should I issue a 401 or a 403?
  2. Generally speaking, how should I implement this in ASP .NET MVC?
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There really isn't an HTTP status code for this, you are probably better off implementing this in MVC without getting HTTP status codes involved. 401 requires a WWW-Authenticate challenge header and is used for Basic or Digest auth (not Forms). 403 indicates that authentication will not change your access to the page. So possibly the 403 could be used for the 2nd cast, but your first case is best handled with the built in authorization code. –  Paul Tyng Nov 5 '11 at 22:36
Thanks @PaulT., can you suggest what an WCF or OData feed should return in a similar case? –  LamonteCristo Nov 5 '11 at 22:38
For WCF, are you using the auth on the binding (transport security)? Or did you roll your own? If you have some case thats not handled by the built in auth you can always use FaultContracts to return exceptional states. For OData no clue what the conventions are, maybe someone else can chime in? –  Paul Tyng Nov 5 '11 at 22:52

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