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I have implemented a function in a singleton class with an optional parameter.

private function MyFunction($Name = "")

$localCopy = $Name;

//this check fails, EMPTY is printed!
if (empty($Name))
  echo "EMPTY";
  echo "NOT EMPTY";

//this is working, NOT EMPTY is printed
if (empty($localCopy))
  echo "EMPTY";
  echo "NOT EMPTY";


This function is called by another function in the same class.

public function OtherFunction($Name = '')

OtherFunction is called from outside


Why does the empty check only works correctly with the local copy? Can someone explain me this??

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It must be something your server, settings, etc. I tried out the code, and it worked like it should do for me. When empty it outputted "EMPTY EMPTY" when not empty "NOT EMPTY NOT EMPTY" –  John Nov 5 '11 at 21:18

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No. Both variables




shouldn't be distinguishable. Both point to the same 'thing'.

Moreover, $localCopy often isn't a copy, just a second name for the thing $name denotes.

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I have solved the problem. Damn!!

I have used a mix of $Name and $name in my code. Two different variables!!! An unassigned variable was used....

What an ugly thing for people coming from C/C++/C# :( Now warning, no error.... :)

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