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Is there a shortcut for writing the following mySQL query? I am looking for a shorthand to compress

SELECT * FROM `listings` where `bedroom` = 1 OR `bedroom` = 2

because I want to make it easier to dynamically build a mySQL query in PHP. Something like WHERE bedroom = 1, 2 because the numbers that I am getting from PHP is in an array bedroom[1] = 1, bedroom[2] = 1.

SELECT * FROM `listings` where `bedroom` = 1 OR `bedroom` = 2;

And because I am using Codeigniter, some shortcut for this in Active Record will be great too!

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you mean like where bedroom < 2 ? –  KayKay Nov 5 '11 at 21:32
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I don't understand very well what you're asking; do you need a shorter query?
If so, try this:

SELECT * FROM listings WHERE bedroom IN (1,2)
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With ActiveRecord:

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great, thanks for the addition! –  Nyxynyx Nov 7 '11 at 2:01
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Use the IN syntax:

SELECT * FROM `listings` where `bedroom` IN (1,2);
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You can write:

SELECT * FROM `listings` where `bedroom` in (1,2);
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