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I have the following problem:

I have a form I need to serialize but I am using javascript to change the look of the select fields. This means, the real select fields are hidden using display:none. My Problem is now, that jQuery does recognize the hidden selects, but only serializes the first value and not the selected one.

<select name="publish">
<option value="1">yes</option>
<option value="2" selected="selected">no</option>

jQuery.serialzie: publish=1

so it gives me the first and not the correct value.

Any ideas for a workaround?

Okay, as mentioned by RobW, the best solution is probably to just let the JavaScript select the option you want by setting the selectElement.selectedIndex = 5

My solution however is a little different, because I do not want to change the plugin used to change the appearance of my selects, due to maintenance problems (as in, needing to change the script every time they release a new version). I did just use a custom function for serialization.

(function($) {
$.fn.serializer = function() {
    var toReturn    = [];
    var elements         = $(this).find(':input').get();
    $.each(elements, function() {
        if (this.name && !this.disabled && (this.checked || /select|textarea/i.test(this.nodeName) || /text|hidden|password/i.test(this.type))) 
            var val = $(this).val();
            // if is select, check selected
            if(this.nodeName == "SELECT")
                val = $(this).find('option:selected').val();    
            toReturn.push( encodeURIComponent(this.name) + "=" + encodeURIComponent( val ) );
    return toReturn.join("&").replace(/%20/g, "+");
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If the issue is caused by hidden elements, temporary show them before serializing:

var $form = $('#myForm');
var hidden = $form.find(':hidden'); // Select all hidden elements
hidden.show();                      // Show them
var string = $form.serialize();     // Serialize form
hidden.hide();                      // Hide them again

Edit: It seems that you're trying to select an option by setting the selected=selected attribute. You should use selectedIndex to change the selected option:

var select = $("#myselect")[0]; //DOM element
select.selectedIndex = 5;       //Example, select 6th option
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Yeah, good idea, I tried it, but the problem seems to be something else. When I use normal dropdowns it works. I figured it might be, that serialize does not like selected="selected". Is that possible? Because the script I use sets the selected dropdown field to selected, but when you normally select an option of a select it does not get set to selected. Could that be the problem? And how do I stop it? –  Lukas Oppermann Nov 6 '11 at 10:24
How are you selecting an option? The best method to select: selectElement.selectedIndex = 5 (where selectElement is the DOM element, and 5 is the index of the option). –  Rob W Nov 6 '11 at 12:17
I was selecting by setting it to selected="selected" which apparently does not work. But I guess yours works. If you could post it as an answer I can check it. Thanks. –  Lukas Oppermann Nov 6 '11 at 12:19
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