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I have the following code:
new MapMaker().expireAfterAccess(SESSION_EXPIRATION, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS).makeMap();

In guava 10 it said it is deprecated and should be replaced by CacheBuilder. What is the new syntax for this?

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The new syntax would look like

Cache<K, V> cache = CacheBuilder.newBuilder().expireAfterAccess(SESSION_EXPIRATION, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS).build();
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Reading the documentation, I think you might just use the similar methods, and pass a loader which always throws an exception. You would then call asMap() to get a map, where you would be able to put your keys and values and have it backed by the cache.

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Cache.asMap().put() works in 10.0.1:… – Etienne Neveu Nov 6 '11 at 0:44
Thanks @eneveu. I've removed the warning from my answer. – JB Nizet Nov 6 '11 at 7:20

Guava release 11.0 will feature

Until then it is unfortunately necessary to use asMap().

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