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I have to survey this topic but I can't find useful articles which are academic. Also, I have to answer this question - what are the standards and format of rss feeds? thanks

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I see the relationship between collaboration frameworks and RSS feeds as follow: collaboration frameworks provide support to rss feeds as a way to communicate (export) updates of something or to import communication from other systems. Here is a list of three academic papers somehow related to collaboration frameworks or the use of rss feeds to create systems.

Florian Rosenberg, Francisco Curbera, Matthew J. Duftler, Rania Khalaf, "Composing RESTful Services and Collaborative Workflows: A Lightweight Approach," IEEE Internet Computing, pp. 24-31, September/October, 2008

Evaluating Web 2.0 Services Based on 7C Framework

A Framework for Flexible User Profile Mashups

The answer for you last question you can find in this link: RSS specification.

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Thanks a lot for your help –  leventkalay92 Nov 6 '11 at 14:11

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