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I am finding load testing tool that can send PUT/DELETE requests.
Neither ApacheBench nor JMeter supports these methods.

After several hours' googling, I found SoapUI that looks good.

Do you have any other recommendation?
Command line tool like ApacheBench will be better for me.

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The Grinder is a decent load testing framework that also supports PUT and DELETE.

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Jmeter supports put and delete methods as of of versions > to 2.5 ( didn't Check for others)

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My company's load testing service, BrowserMob, can do the full HTTP spectrum and is a really low cost alternative to setting up your own distributed load test system. For $10 you can run a decent sized test and have all the machines, realtime reporting, etc handled automatically.

Feel free to email me at patrick@browsermob.com if you need more info.

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