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I have a category on UINavigationBar, the drawRect function of which draws a custom logo in the nav bar. There is one view controller in my app which i would not like to draw the custom logo for.

Is there a way to bypass the category's drawRect function?

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Nope; you can't. Or, you can (through swizzling), but you shouldn't. Namely, you are modifying system behavior, which is a good way to either cause crashes in the future or potentially have your app rejected.

Typically, if you want to customize a class's behavior, you do so by subclassing and using instances of the subclass.

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Use two different subclasses of UINavigationBar and put the category on one of the two subclasses.

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You're probably doing something wrong, against the HIG, if you need to do this.

Matt Gallagher wrote an article about invoking the 'supersequent' implementation which may be used in this case.

Note that this not the proper way to achieve such a thing, even if it works now it's very likely to break in the future, I'd advise not to use such techniques!

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This is a problem you will no longer face in ios5 as using a category to "override" drawRect in the navigation bar is not supported any more.

You should look into the new UIAppearance changes, or as Daniel says, use multiple subclasses of UINavigationBar.

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