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For my class project my team is using hg to work together and I made the ignore file from the checked answer on from this question, with a few additions. There's a problem though. I have a .lib file necessary to making the code run and I want it kept in the repository.

Since that .hgignore is using glob I am too, so how would I allow the file comp345_dnd/RollPlay.lib (root folder contains comp345_dnd) to be in/watched while *.lib is ignored?

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Just manually do hg add on the specific file (without any wildcards) e.g.:

hg add /path/to/file

This overrides the .hgignore file and adds the file to the repository.

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It won't be undermined by .hgignore at any point? – Portaljacker Nov 6 '11 at 2:00
No - the .hgignore only operates when you're specifying directories or patterns. If you tell mercurial to add a specific real file, it does it, and then continues to track it, regardless of .hgignore. – asc99c Nov 6 '11 at 2:08

to quote Matt Mackall in an old post on the mercurial-devel list: Mercurial will add any -files- explicitly specified on the command line, regardless of the ignore rules.

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