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I have a windows version of Git Bash, and I want to use it with my Visual Studio Projects. What I want is a way of tweaking some setting so that one click can get Bash opened with the directory on the current visual studio project.

It would be great if there's a way to set up short cut in Git Bash for directories, so that one command can get me to a preset directory.

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Have a look at Git Source Control Provider:

It has Visual Studio integration for Git and one of the options is to bring up Git Bash.

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For Visual Studio 2013 users there is a tighter Git integration where you do not need Git Source Control Provider; Visual Studio 2013 provides a Git source control provider out-of the-box. @Taran's answer is the better solution for Visual Studio 2013. – RunnerRick Apr 25 '14 at 17:45

Launch Git Bash from Visual Studio

In Visual Studio Menu Bar: Tools -> External Tools -> Add New


Name: Git Bash

Command: c:\Program Files (x86)\git\bin\sh.exe

Args: --login -i

Initial Dir : $(SolutionDir)

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You can type the name like Git &Bash so that you can use the keyboard shortcut ALT+T+B for it – Daniel Feb 23 at 5:23

You can use posh-git in the Nuget Package Manager Console, which automatically switches to the location of the open solution.

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