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I am trying to pass on an ID from a page to an embedded partialView, how can I pass this in? something like?:


After how can I read this ID in my partial view?:

@model PartialViewModel

@myid = IdFromParent
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When you pass a variable as the second parameter into the Partial() method, that becomes the model for the partial you called. In this case you are passing the ID as the entire model, so you would just have to use @Model to get the ID:

@*Page View*@
@model MyModel


@* MyControl Partial View *@
@model int

@myid = @Model

If you want to pass a PartialViewModel type into your partial, you will have to provide that as a property on the Parent ViewModel (the model in your first example), or through the ViewData or ViewBag containers.

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You can pass your model id simply like this


but if you want to send multiple parameters you can do like this

               new ViewDataDictionary { { "parameter", parametervalue } })

hope this will solve your problem

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You must pass to the view the same type of object as the view accepts in its @model directive. So if you are passing an int to the partial view, your @model directive must declare an int.

Or, you could just pass the whole model object, with the id included (of course), and read the id from that object in the partial.
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@Html.RenderPartial("ViewName", Model.Id)


@Html.Partial("ViewName", Model.Id)
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