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I have a combo box with choice 0 - 8 and 8 sets of input fields where each set of input fields are wrapped around a div with the same class.

I need to find out how to use Jquery to hide/unhide the divs based on the selected combobox value. For example, if I select 2, then class="member1" and class="member2" needs to be visible, the rest are invisible. If i change my mind , and select 1, then class="member1" stay visible but member2 and the rest are set to invisible?

<div class="member1"> 
<input id="name1">
<input id="age1">
<div class="member2"> 
<input id="name2">
<input id="age2">
<div class="member8"> 
<input id="name8">
<input id="age8">
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It is rather simple. Considering selected_number is already an integer extracted from the select field you were talking about, the code could look like this:

    var selected_number = 2;
    jQuery('.member1, .member2, .member3, .member4, .member5, .member6, .member7, .member8').hide();
    for (var i=1; i<=selected_number;i++){

As a proof see this jsfiddle (change selected_number value to see how it works).

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Awesome! Exactly what i was looking for... too simple once you've laid it out for me and lovin it –  Gotcha Nov 7 '11 at 2:13

Assume that selectedValue is an integer containing the selected value.

for(var i=1;i<=8;i++){
   } else {
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Thanks bud... i didnt know how to evaluate the concatenation of the member to the integer i... i thought i had to use eval... but like tadeck above... yours is a great! –  Gotcha Nov 7 '11 at 2:15

You can add a generic class to every toggle-able element and hide them all when an option is selected, and then just show the desired one.

$('.member' + selectedValue).show();
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