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Is there a setting for apache or .htaccess to not open images in browser, but instead force the user to download them to their computer to open e.g. when he navigates to this will make him download the file. The only time I want images loaded in the browser is when they're embedded in a HTML page. e.g.

If it is not possible then can we at least just block it completely if they go to, they will get error 403 or something for any file other than html and php?

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There would be a bit of a performance overhead, but you could make a page (php or whatever language) that all it does it pull up images from a directory that otherwise isn't web accessable. You could then make all image links go to that page and make them still look like image urls using rewrites.

Page: /images/25.jpg => /images.php?id=25&type=jpg or something similar

Note sure exactly what you are trying but might want to read this:

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trying to firbid access to any file on server that is not html or php, if they do happen to navigate to something else i dont want them to be able to access it. – JohnA Nov 6 '11 at 5:32
@JohnA thats what I thought, check out that link there is a ton of info and a how-to :) – John Nov 6 '11 at 5:55

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