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I am making a picture move to a location, and then it redirects to a page where the picture SHOULD be in the same location. With all of this being relative, it's not working so well. What I would like to do is something where the final result will be the picture is 5% from the top, and 5% from the left. I am having so much trouble!

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
    $('#Picture').fadeIn(1000).delay(1500).animate({'top': '2%', 'left': '-=37%', 'height': '-=50px'},2000);
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Just remove the -= (or +=) part:

$(document).ready(function() {
                    'top': '5%',
                    'left': '5%'
                 }, 2000);
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I'm still having trouble though with the left animation. The picture is moving to the right slightly (probably the 5% I now set it to). It starts in the center if that is any help. –  Matt Nov 6 '11 at 6:13
@Matt, Adjust the percentage values to match the position of the image on the new page, or did I understand you incorrectly? –  Lapple Nov 6 '11 at 6:28
I've tried that, but if the browser changes sizes, it no longer matches? –  Matt Nov 6 '11 at 6:30
@Matt, what if you used px positioning instead? –  Lapple Nov 6 '11 at 6:33

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