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I am exploring options to enable a checkout on a website for a friend. The requirements for the checkout are seemingly simple. The product in question can be viewed here:


I have worked with PayPal and Google checkout to accomplish this, however the buy buttons only allow for 1 drop down menu with prices per product. What I need is to have the all the features elected by the customer to add up and proceed to the checkout with that price.

I have a thorough knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, but I do not have a clue when it comes to server side stuff or eCommerce. Any help would GREATLY appreciated.

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You might look at https://stripe.com/ - their API will let you set up your form however you'd like, and then have them do all the heavy lifting for the billing. You'll get a confirmation token back once the transaction completes, and can use that to deliver the product.

Check out the documentation to see if it'll work for you.

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