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I need to filter the ObservableCollection using LINQ Where clause in my Silverlight application.

The object type is dynamically created using method provided in following url.

Is filtering my collection using Where clause for specific property possible?

How can I achieve it?


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Can you edit your post and show the code that fills the collection? – Gert Arnold Nov 6 '11 at 9:14

The only way I know is using reflection, like this:

// using a list of dynamic types
var items = new List<object> { new { A = 0, B = 1 }, new { A = 1, C = 0 } };
// select ao items with A > 0
var filteredItems = items.Where(obj => (int)obj.GetType().GetField("A").GetValue(obj) > 0).ToArray();

// if you have a property instead of field, you should call GetProperty(), like this:
obj.GetType().GetProperty("PropertyName").GetValue(obj, null)
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