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Is it possible to write an ICMP Server in Ruby? If we install this server let's say on and a m/c on pings then the Custom Ruby ICMP server would send the response and not the built in ICMP Server.

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Well this is three questions:

  1. "How do I prevent the host from replying to pings?" -- you'll have to ask Severfault with details about your system.
  2. "How do I tell when I've been pinged?" -- There are host-specific ways to do this, but libpcap is fairly portable and may be easier. It turns out there exist Ruby bindings.
  3. "How do I generate ICMP responses?" -- You want a library that generates packets. There are lots of libs and tools that can do this, and it turns out there exist ones for Ruby.

You'll probably need to know the message formats of the ICMP request (ping) and ICMP response (pong) packets.

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