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so I am trying to make a simple search engine, that allows a user to search username, email, firstname and lastname.

However everytime I run the following it only returns russell.harrower instead of both russellharrower and russell.harrower

SELECT *, MATCH(username) AGAINST ('russell') as score FROMuser_infoWHERE MATCH(username) AGAINST ('russell')

I am not sure if i need to put a like status in there or what, so thought i would ask.

I want it to order the whole sql by the score.

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Why not use LIKE? SELECT * FROM user_info WHERE username LIKE '%russel%'; – Pranav Hosangadi Nov 6 '11 at 8:14

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Did you try using asterisk (wildcard) in boolean mode?

[...] AGAINST ('+russell*' IN BOOLEAN MODE)

/edit: don't use LIKE, especially with % in front of a phrase, it's veeery slow

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