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The software my company uses has a web service which signature is more or less like this:

public DataSet MakeQuery(string sql) {

NOTE 1: I don't have the code for this.

Recently, we noted the Sql Server gets a lot of processes without dying, so I want to trace the input of this webMethod.

Is any way I can do this?

I was thinking of a SoapExtension, but i don't have the source code for the web service. basically I want to know the name of the machine that sends the SOAP request.

NOTE 2: The SQL Server's processes report the server as the host.

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Try Wireshark to see what gets transmitted over the wire.

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Wireshark will definitely help you out, just insure that you're not using SSL. Here's a writeup of using Wireshark to debug web services: molecularvoices.molecular.com/2008/… –  Paul Lindner May 12 '09 at 22:20

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