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I have 3 tables:

1   User (USERID, Name, Age, Phone Number, FK_VennerID)
2:  Friends (VENNERID, name, age, gender, FK_LokationID)
3:  Location (LOKATIONID, Zip code, city name)

Based on the 3 tables, i have maked the Entity Model like this​ in my asp.net program:

public class User
      public int USERID {get; set;}
      public string Name {get; set;}
      public int Age {get; set;}
      public int Phone Number {get; set;}

      public virtual ICollection <Venner> Friends {get; set;}

  public class Friends
      public int VENNERID {get; set;}
      public string Name {get; set;}
      public int Age {get; set;}
      public int LokationID {get; set;}

      public virtual User User {get; set;}
      public virtual Location Location {get; set;}

  public class Location
      public int LokationID {get; set;}
      public int Zip {get; set;}
      public string Town {get; set;}

      public virtual ICollection <Venner> Friends {get; set;}

Let us now assume that I have in my database defined a sql stored procedure, which takes 1 input parameter and gives me the following data from 3 tables:


Soo How do I save so data from sql SPOC in Entities objects.

If data were only of ONE type I could have done this:

User user = new User ();

user.navne = datafrabasen;
user.xx = datafrabasen;

But now we have mixed data from the base, which has both user class Friend class and class location to do ..

I want to save data from the database into a list ... which can be called from font layer!

Return to List <Type> xxxx ();
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Create new type which holds all returning columns of stored procedure and then use List <NewType>() after that you can split the list to 3 new list that each list hast its own class data

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Is this normal way do do it ? Why shold i split list into 3 types after... It will make performance bad ..? –  user1032019 Nov 6 '11 at 15:52

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