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I'm facing the following problems:

  • We have meta data for items, each item can be a different type of NSControl, currently NSTokenField and NSTextField, but we might need NSCombo or other types. I need to build a form in which each entry will have a label and an editable control. this form has to be built dynamically since the items are retrieved from the server.

I've implemented it with NSMatrix, and apart from it looking pretty shabby, I'm faced with some visual issues I don't know how to solve.

The visual issue is every time I move the mouse over the NSTextFieldCell the tokens get drawn on the top left corner of the NSMatrix form.

now, I'm considering moving to another type of control,

I've googled for few hours, and found the following controls: NSForm, NSMatirx (parent of NSForm), NSCollectionView, NSTableView

which one of these is the most appropriate for this task?

I hope I am clear since I wanted to add pictures, but it wouldn't let me due to lack of "reputation points".

Thanks for your help, Eyal.

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NSTokenField is a subclass of NSTextField so you could use an NSTableView to display them.

You could also draw a custom NSCell with all elements in it. When each "item" has a different number of elements then this becomes a bit more complicated though.

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does NSTableView provide editing functionality? each items should be editable by the user, and the label should be just text without editing. –  Liss Nov 6 '11 at 12:28
Yes. You could have an NSTableView with two columns. One with an NSTextFieldCell and one with an NSTokenFieldCell. The NSTextFieldCell can be set to editable in Interface Builder. For the NSTokenFieldCell you'd have to add an NSTextFieldCell and change its class to NSTokenFieldCell in the identity inspector. Then, it too, can be made editable in Interface Builder. But they both are editable by default. –  Jef Nov 6 '11 at 12:37
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