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I have a batch file that installs WinVNC in about 1 second and starts up the service. However, I still have to manually go into the Windows Firewall and open a port to allow connections. How can I do that programmatically?

If I could do it from inside the batch file, that would be ideal, but I'm ok writing an EXE if that's necessary.

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Let me google that for you:

This page includes a multitude of ways to customize the firewall, among those the use of netsh.exe that seem to give command line access to windows firewall.

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Windows Firewall has its own API for that purpose: Windows Firewall and Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Look at the INetFwOpenPorts::Add() method.

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Here is a good resource that I have used multiple times in the past. I know it's the typical 'point to the RTFM site', but really, it is a good resource and I have used it successfully.


Good luck.

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shoosh googled it for me and I came up with this, which works perfectly.

netsh firewall add portopening tcp #### "VNC"

Replacing #### with the port.

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See the source code of Windows firewall (posted on google groups, Win32)

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<sarcasm>link please</sarcasm> – JosephStyons Apr 29 '09 at 17:15

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