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I am trying to animate a Div a top:275.

I tried .animate( {marginTop: -820 } but on each screen it ends up to a different position. . .

So I changed the marginTop to .animate( {top: 275} but the div comes from the top to down (slidedown). Note that, so I can use the animate:top I had to set the div to position:absolute during the animation. . .

Is there any hackyway to make the top come from the bottom up or make the marginTop have the same distance from the top on each screen resolution ? ( I assume margintop can't be solved since im setting margin top to -820 in order to get at a point of top:275, therefore screens smaller than 1200px height, the div will go much higher...)

Here is my code:

                position: 'absolute'
                top: '275'
            }, function() { //callback });
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Ah Found it!!

.animate({top:275}, 800, function() {

So basically I've set the top from css at the very end to 1000, then animated it to 275 which is up...

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+1 fanks beastie! I needed my dialog to slide down in a different way to slideDown(). I used : var height = $dialog.outerHeight(); $ .css({top : height * -1}) .animate({top : -1}, 400, function () { //callback }); – Evildonald Apr 22 '13 at 21:05

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