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I am trying to retrieve the data to the right of ':' or use ':' as a starting point to get the data after. Looking for the right parsing items for this.

var test = 'type:input';

charAt gives me the location of ':', but how do I then retrieve the 'input' from var test?

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You can use split:

var testAfter = test.split(':')[1];

or substr with indexOf

var testAfter = test.substr(test.indexOf(':')+1);

or slice

var testAfter = test.slice(test.indexOf(':')+1);

or match

var testAfter = test.match(/(:)(.+$)/).pop();

or replace

var testAfter = test.replace(/^.+:/,'');

if you want to be free to use whatever delimiter, this String extension may do the work:

String.prototype.dataAfter = String.prototype.dataAfter ||
     return this.split(delim)[1];
var testAfter = test.dataAfter(':');
var test2 = 'type#input';
var testAfter = test2.dataAfter('#');
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Thank you. What if I wanted to use ':' as a delimiter, is there a way have var test2 = test[1], ':'; or some type of declaration of delimiter? –  user1009749 Nov 6 '11 at 13:26
Can you be more specific? In all examples from my answer ':' is the delimiter. Or do you mean something else? –  KooiInc Nov 6 '11 at 13:31
Yes, after trying your examples it works. Thanks again –  user1009749 Nov 6 '11 at 13:50

What about substr?

 var test2 = test.substr(test.indexOf(':')+1); // until end
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