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We hosted one of our web application in IIS 7.5 based web server. "Its giving System error".

Environment Structure is : 1. 2 IIS 7.5 servers configured for load balancing. 2. AKAMAI configured for caching 3. Each server has one individual private IP. 4. 1 Public IP configured to access load balancer. 5. .Net framework 4.0 6. Managed pipeline - Integrated. 7. Identity - application Pool Identity 8. bindings - test.com/www.test.com/origin-www.test.com

Results of the web application is

  1. web application working good in individual server.
  2. working good in cluster IP .
  3. "origin-www" domain also working good.

but it doesn't work in the binding, test.com and www.test.com

It shows the error as "System Error".

When I check the event viewer I see the message that "view state integrity checks failed"

(But in both servers machine key is same.)

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Double and triple check the machine key: is it set for all IIS or for the individual Web site? See msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff649308.aspx for details. –  Jeremy McGee Nov 6 '11 at 14:05
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