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I'm trying to write an applet to display packs of cards amongst other things.

I have a folder with 52 card images in.

How would I go about assigning an image to each instance of a Card object?

Would I need to create a 52 image array within the object and then assign the right index to each card?


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What stops you from creating a field, image, containing an image (instance of java.awt.Image or whatever you use for your UI) itself?

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I would suggest that a card should be an immutable object. As such, I would define the image for a Card on construction of the Card:


public class Card {
    final int value;
    final Suit suit;
    final BufferedImage image;

    public Card(int value, Suit suit) throws IOException {
        this.value = value;
        this.suit = suit;
        File imageFile = new File("image-dir", suit + "-" + value + ".jpg");
        this.image =;

    public enum Suit {
        Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts;

You could then populate a deck like this:

Set<Card> deck = new HashSet<Card>();
for (int value = 1 ; value <= 13 ; value++) {
    for (Suit suit : Suit.values()) {
        deck.add(new Card(value, suit));
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Have you looked at enums? You could add a getImage() method to the Card class that returns the correct image based on the card's Rank and Suite. That would of course imply a consistent naming convention of the image files, e.g.

private static final String IMAGE_DIR = // image directory

public BufferedImage getImage() {
    String fileName = suite + "_" + rank + ".jpg";
    File file = new File(IMAGE_DIR, fileName);

You should also consider to cache the images so that you do not read the images from file every time they are needed.

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