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I wish to have a framework/software that i can download and host it within our intranet so that people can fire in their issue and we can reply to their issue and archieve thme at the same time.

Its just like one that Apache has where people mail onto their email id based on product that they are using and owners reposnd on the same and the same gets archieved so that others can search for issues if it occured before and find out the solution. Are there any such framework already available?

The idea behind this is:

  1. We will host say war file within our intranet so that its something inside the firm.
  2. Lets say i developed a software (just like say apache ivy for e.g.) and its avaialable for users. Now user found a bug in ivy. They would be emailing to me on a common email like

This email would be like a post on apache's discussion forum. Now When i will reply onto, it will be again a new post but just below the original post. Just like you see here where you see all the issues in one go and may be its using solr/lucene based app at the backend to search.

You see the original question along with replies on the same page but with two different links.

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I can't tell what you are describing, but it sounds like you might be describing JIRA, which is Apache's issue tracking tool. – Paul Tomblin Nov 6 '11 at 13:28
Do you want a mailing list with a public archive? – jmg Nov 7 '11 at 13:05

Try James: It helps to build email driven applications.

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