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I am trying to build a script in python to mac OS, I need the script to run two other scripts; the only thing my scripts does is run a website, and return value 1 or 0.

I just need to get the values, in windows i am getting then from CMD with "Exit value".

But i am new to mac, and in my job i need do it i mac.

After i get those values, i need to write a file that says 1 or 0.

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import subprocess
r =['script', 'argument1', ...])

Now r is the return value from your script. To write that to a file (I assume you want it as text):

open('statusfile.txt', 'w').write('%d\n' % r)
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When i call the process, its always says to me the file is not exit's, even in windows. – user1032254 Nov 6 '11 at 14:34

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