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I have the following situation.

      <li><span> text </span></li>

I use the following jquery to get the text content and width...

  $("ul li").each(function()
       var textIndex = $(this).index();
       var $text = $(this).find("span").text()  // this works..
       var textWidth = $text.width(); // this does not work..

How do I get the text Width along with getting its index, and text data?

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The text will have an index of zero since it is the only node inside the element. – Diodeus Nov 6 '11 at 16:06
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A few things:

  1. You can change your each function to include, index and value. Then you can get the index of the li without the extra jQuery call.
  2. The .text() call returns the text as a string, strings do not have a .width() method on them.
  3. I think what you really want is the width of the span, not the text.

Try this:

  $("ul li span").each(function(index,value)
       var $value = $(value),
           textIndex = index,
           text = $value.text(),
           textWidth = $value.width();
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thanks Zero for the explanation and a better resolution. – Yetimwork Beyene Nov 6 '11 at 16:29

.text() returns a string (the text content of the element).

If by width you mean length (number of characters) then use


To get the element width use


And you want to get the index of what? From the LI inside an UL? Then use


jQuery docs:

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