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I have an abstract class where source code looks like this:

 * @assert (0) == NULL
public static function factory($num) {
    if ($num==0)
        return NULL;

    //do some other stuff

If I delete the previously generated test file and have use the "Create PHPUnit tests", it creates a new unit test file that doesn't seem to have taken the assert into account at all:

 * @covers {className}::{origMethodName}
 * @todo Implement testFactory().
public function testFactory() {
    // Remove the following lines when you implement this test.
            'This test has not been implemented yet.'

I must be doing something silly, but I can't figure out wat. Is the failure to expand the class name and method name in the generated @covers annotation perhaps a clue?

I'm running NetBeans 7.0.1 on a Mac with PHP 5.3.6 and PHPUnit 3.6.2.

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All annotations must appear in DocBlock comments which start with /** and not /*. You're missing an asterisk.

 * @assert (0) == NULL
public static function factory($num) {
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