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I have eclipse setup with PHP debugging - that's not a problem.

The problem is that it only debugs scripts I ran via eclipse / browser.

I am working with the Facebook-Credits which causes a call-back to my server (using normal HTTP post).

I am sure there is a way to make my debugger kick into action once the request is received [not via browser], I just haven't found it! :P (I googled this quiet a bit)

If anyone has some tutorial/link that would be great,


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If you're using XDebug, it's just a matter of adding the parameter value pair XDEBUG_SESSION_START=name_of_session to the query string.

So if you were giving the callback:

you give instead:

And make sure you have a debugging session running in your IDE so XDebug can connect to it.

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EDIT: Got it, thanks! ---- would this name_of_session be some sort of const? eg "fb_callback" or do I need to set it every time the debugger starts with a new URL? (which is unlikely) -- NM, got it - thanks :) – Alon Nov 6 '11 at 16:03

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