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In my Class I have a attribute, fileSize The type is long

I don't want to change to float/double, cause I work with databases and now I can't just edit the datatypes (to late)

the filesize is normally in kB (Reason why long).. But once I want to show it in MB (that would be, fileSize / 1024) -> and I get 0, its because the type isn't float/double..

How I can solve the problem, so that I get b.E 0.54MB without changing the DataType of fileSize?

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fileSize / 1024 performs integer division since both operands are integers. If you want to perform real division you could do this (at least one of the operands must be a real number):

double result = fileSize / 1024.0;


double result = fileSize / 1024d;

Now result will contain the correct value that you want to print on the UI.

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Yes. You definitely don't need to change the DB field. –  David Grayson Nov 6 '11 at 16:06
ok thank you, that solved my problem! –  eMi Nov 6 '11 at 16:19

Just do

double sizeMiB = fileSize / 1024.0


string toDisplay = string.Format("Size is {0}MiB", fileSize/1024.0);
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Use for example fileSize / 1024.0 or fileSize / 1024d. Both make the compiler treat this as a division based on double.

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Divide by 1024.0 and the compiler will convert it to double.

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you can do

  double a = fileSize / 1024d; 
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